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5 Biggest Dangers Facing London Based DJs in 2016

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When looking at the development of house music and the rise of superstar DJs such as Calvin Harris, Tiesto and David Guetta to the forefront of the music industry, you could predict that the demand for London-based DJs would be increasing. However, even though many DJs may have the skills, talent and equipment, they have the risk of falling into the pitfalls of under-promotion and underselling themselves. Such financial risks only increase with the rising prices of DJ equipment and gear. DJs get trapped into a vicious cycle in which they lack a substantial number of gigs to turn DJing from a fun hobby into a full-time career. In this article TEJ Music with the help of Series 60 Ltd analyses the risks that 2015 holds for a rising DJ in London on both the club scene and for private functions. This article predicts that DJs in 2015 will face the challenge of differentiating themselves without driving down their hourly rate.

This scenario does not have to be the case with the right approach. The gigs are there, the sessions are there and so are the potential excited clubbers wanting a great DJ to create a memorable night. The rules, however, have changed and so has DJ promotion. So how can this done? As this article will demonstrate social media provides the answer to securing regular gigs..


1. Cost Of The Kit To Do The Job

In order for DJs to truly compete at the top flight of the club scene or even for the best private functions, they need to have the latest gear. The overall increase in the cost for such essential items such as the CDJs is a central problem to this. DJs want the quality, performance and robust interface that the CDJs offer but in order to invest such a costly sum, a return on investment is crucial. Otherwise, it is just an expensive toy for enjoyment, not an asset, which generates money year on year. The risk of the kit getting out of date, damaged or even the occurance of faulty technology down the line only places higher stress on having a full season of bookings.

How can this be done?

Many DJs believe the only answer is having a great website which they can promote themselves to potential clients and followers. Whereas, a website is a crucial asset to the success of a London-based DJ, it is also a costly expense which can take time for it to provide a fast return for the modern day DJ. Today, the development of social media might be faster and a more effective marketing tool than you at first might think. Signed DJs to labels such as Spinnin, Ultra and Armada are the most active users on applications such as Instagram interacting with their fans and club venues on a daily basis. Just check this out for yourself.

DJs like Sam Feldt, Michael Calfan or Prettypink are great examples. These DJs are also the professionals who are touring Europe and the World with nothing but DJing putting mega money into their back pocket.

Is this a coincidence?

No, it is not, they know what they are doing. The most successful DJs of today employ social media managers who have the skills and understanding of how best to promote the DJ on social media. These social media experts also know most importantly how to secure gigs fast and in the most effective way.

(Spinnin’ Records, Michael Calfan interacting with one of Series60’s manage d profiles on instagram)

2. Suffer The (Low Rates) For DJ Art

At the same time DJs are battling, not on the turntables, but with the clubs or private gigs in order to get recognised for their skills. Only resulting in the DJs having to ‘suffer for their art’ by reducing their hourly rate to secure a club night. Often this is below a rate that makes being a DJ a viable career.

For nightclubs in London they face falling door numbers compared to live music venues for private functions such as weddings or special events. Meaning these nightclubs have less cash to invest in having a DJ for the night. For the DJ this only means a downward pressure on the value of their art form.

Series60 helps and manages DJs on how to promote themselves well on social media to establish large numbers of local followers on their profile quickly. When done in the right way, such practice can demonstrate to the nightclubs that not only does the DJ have a good reputation and presence but the DJ is also a worthy investment. The booking of such a DJ will fulfill the clubs’ financial objective of ultimately bringing people through the door.

3. OK, So Back To The Day Job

Many valuable and talented DJs can fall by the wayside as rising costs of their profession creates an imbalance in ‘paying the bills’. DJs resort instead with doing the ‘day job’ to make ends meet, no matter how talented or skilled they are. This result is a far cry from the ‘Club Days’ of the late 90’s.

The booking agent is trying to meet the constraints and costs of the recession, whilst trying to attract customers to maximize the door price and register of the tills. If you look at this scenario from the booking agent’s perspective, would you rather choose a DJ that has all the gear and gives you his word that he is a great DJ or a DJ that has a considerable social media presence, has marketed his sound in unique way and has followers ready for the announcement of his next gig? The second option is definitely a less risky investment and the winner here.

4. Self Promotion Like A Needle in a Haystack

In the midst of the development of social media, there is the complexity and time consuming effort which self promotion takes….. rarely is this done with a cohesive strategy and with marketing expertise. This results in the DJ simply giving up as the process takes up valuable time which he believes could be better spent on the phone to book venues for the next gig, if only to receive a Dutch auction to secure the set. Why slave at this process on your own? Why not ask an expert who has the knowledge, expertise and skillset to deliver your goals through social media?

5. The ‘Wedding DJ’

It is not a pretty image but one that you may have seen is ‘Mr Mobile Disco’ mumbling over an incoherent speaker system dousing the dreams of the newlyweds or another memorable moment like a 21st Birthday Party. They still get bookings, but this is not what people want to remember, recommend or pay good value for. This gig may become the last resort for a DJ but if you promote yourself well on social media, you could instead have a club full of people vibing off you, who not only value you but respect you as a true artist and DJ.


Can you afford as an artist and as DJ to let these pitfalls take over your career or are you ready to take it all to a new level?

Being a full time DJ is of course a business and the rewards can be yours with a bit of assistance and directional help.

1. Compete On Your Own Terms

Avoid competing on a price basis, doing this just affirms that you don’t believe in your ability. Instead market and compete with other DJs on your uniqueness and social presence. Be precise on what your sound is and what you can offer to a club that other DJs don’t, essentially market your USP. You have to treat your online profile and web presence as a marketable brand which has to be tuned in and presented correctly to your suited audience and booking agents. Once you have tuned your profile correctly, the whole process of securing bookings becomes an efficient system with minimal effort. The whole game changes when you have your foot through the door at the potential clubs. You can, with your performance, demonstrate your ability to the club owners in generating more door and bar sales. In demonstrating your talent, the club owner will be more likely to offer you a premium slot and an opportunity to play regularly at this venue. Don’t attempt creating your social profile with a half-hearted attempt. Recognize your weaknesses and allow the experts to help you in their area of understanding and the results will shortly follow.

2. Your Clients Are Buying You

For private venues DJs demonstrating a high level of quality is critical but hard to achieve without the customer ‘experiencing’ you, your set up or quality of mixing unless you can show them a growing social media presence and reputation. This is another reason why making a small investment in a company with this skillset can create such a valuable asset for your DJing career. With a considerable social media presence you can either promote high quality short videos of real events where you’ve played, requesting online feedback from customers and even offering a ‘taster session’ for potential clients. These all provide a way for customers to confidently make their decision to hire you.

3. Invest In The Future Now

You may have just bought the newest decks and sub woofers but this equipment depreciates over time and with its use. It is now time to start investing in your career as a professional DJ. Customer expectations for high quality sound are part of an ongoing technological movement. Therefore, planning finances towards getting a regular season of bookings has never been more crucial to secure your next season’s equipment.

4. Don’t Try & Do It All Yourself

With the development of websites, online marketing and most importantly social media, it is possible to target customers that you want to attract and build your reputation as a DJ and future bookings. This management is an area that Series60 continues to assist DJs with and 2015 is no exception. We do all the hard grind for you, leaving you more time to get paid to doing what you love and more time to continue spinning those great tunes!

Tips and Tricks On Managing Your Reputation Within the Music Industry

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It is a fact that you are affected greatly by how others perceive you. Unfortunately, what people say isn’t always true. However, you can take steps to protect your reputation within the music industry so that you can continue to thrive. Keep reading to find out more.

Host contests to help bolster your reputation. This is especially important if you have received a bad review. A contest will create a lot of positive information about you and your reputation which can help increase your exposure. This technique will also help raise your page rank on Internet search engines.

Maintain a good image by working to alleviate customer dissatisfaction. This will show others that you are a good at what you do. If the information is available online, it increases the audience of those who know you are willing to rectify a situation. Other people can see that you actively address issues, so they’ll be more apt to respond positively to you.

Be transparent. Some people have been accused of removing complaints from their website. Don’t be like them. Instead, quickly answer the complaints and state on your website how you will remedy the complaint. Once the complaint is resolved, encourage people to post on your site that the complaint was resolved and how long it took to resolve the complaint.

Stay up to date on news and information pertaining to your product or service. This helps you in providing your customers with the latest information. Check the web to see what the latest trends are each day.

All social media accounts should be monitored for their professionalism. These pages represent who you are, so it is important that no one is given a chance to see them in a negative light. Act like a human, but do not get too personal.

If you are going to use anyone’s ideas, you should always make sure to give them credit for that. Everyone out there can learn a little from others, so giving due credit will show people that you don’t think you are above that. This is a great way to earn their respect.

Blogs are wonderful ways to bolster your online presence and increase your reputation. Feature guest bloggers in your industry, offer tips on how to use your products and other information that will help your customers. One of the best strategies is to feature other businesses that compliment your products and services.

Pay attention to the reputation your business has offline. Your offline reputation will make its way into the online world. If negative content on your company becomes a trend, you need to know why. Treat all your clients and customers well and urge the happy ones to leave positive reviews on sites like Yelp.

Take the right steps now to protect your online reputation. It would be unfortunate if your best efforts were thwarted by posters who do nothing but spew untruths. You can prevent this by being proactive and staying in the driver’s seat. Use the tips you’ve just been given to help you do just that.

Employment 101 – Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions

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Being unemployed is depressing whether you are fresh out of college or a seasoned worker. Especially in this economy, you need all the help you can get finding a job. The following article is full of useful tips that can help you finally land a job and get your life in order.

Dress well when you go on an interview. The best advice is to ‘dress as a boss’. Go in dressed as if you are the boss of the person in the position you want. This can be a great way to stand apart from the pack in any interview setting, and shows you are serious about the job.

Make sure you connect your qualifications to the ad when writing your cover letter. If they mention leadership skills, you should obviously describe times you’ve been a leader. After compiling your cover letter, take ample time to edit it. You want it to be very appealing, while also remaining short and to the point.

Before you go for your interview, do some research on the hiring company, about their line of business and their sales. Letting your interviewer know that you have done some research will show him your initiative in finding information and getting results. These are good characteristics of a dependable and resourceful employee that companies value.

Organize important information in standardized forms. You don’t want to be stuck admitting that you don’t know the dates and contact info that they must have on the job application to check your history. Therefore, have a cheat sheet with that information. This makes everything easier to remember and allows the interview to proceed quickly.

Include a cover letter when you are applying for jobs. This should include some information about yourself and why you are fit for the position. Cover letters make things more personal for the job that you are applying for and separate you from the rest of the pack who just include resumes.

When it comes to communicating with potential employers, focus on keeping your words bright, light and polite. ‘Bright’ refers to the quality and freshness of your ideas compared to those of other candidates. Do you offer interesting perspectives and insight into innovation? ‘Light’ sentiments avoid overly cynical or negative statements. ‘Polite’ is self-explanatory, but is commonly overlooked in interpersonal communications. This includes proper grammar, respectful title and a nod to professional etiquette.

It’s no fun being unemployed; days go by with bills piling up and you feel less and less useful. Use the above tips to reorganize your employment strategy and get back into the working world. It will take time and effort, but eventually your efforts will finally pay off for you.

Recommended Employment Sites:

How To Land A Perfect Job For Your Success

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If you are currently searching for a job – and we’re assuming you are, given that you’ve read this far! – you likely are feeling a variety of emotions. Excited, nervous, overwhelmed…these are all common emotions when we’re on the job market. The more you know about strategies that work, the better of a position you’ll be in.

Go back to school. Sometimes, in order to get a better job, you must gain new skills. It’s important that you’re taking every opportunity out there that allows you to learn more so you can have a better job. Lots of self-guided study options exist that can be built around your schedule.

If your interview is in a location that you are not familiar with, make sure that you plan out your route in advance. There is enough stress that you will be under already, as you should know exactly where you are going to avoid any problems on the day of the interview.

Never wear strong fragrances when you are out looking for a job. Even if you find the scent to be quite pleasant, there is a chance that the hiring manager may have allergies or an aversion to the smell. It is best to smell like soap and lotions instead of cologne and perfume.

Keeping employee morale high will greatly benefit your business. You should organize company events around birthdays and holidays for example. This will make your employees feel like they are part of a team, and as such, they will work harder. Of course, the end result of this is that your bottom line will be larger.

No matter what your education or your work experience, do not be too picky about what kind of job you want. Sure, there may be a field you are very interested in, but you cannot discount another field if there are more opportunities in it. You can always take your second choice job until your first choice job becomes available.

Ask questions during your interview. While you might look at this interview as them finding out if they want you to work there, you are also in control. You may not want to work with them! Use this time to ask about what the corporate culture is like, what the pay entails, and what opportunities for advancement exist.

During your first week on the job, stay as late as you possibly can. This will show that you have a great work ethic and mean business. Furthermore, it serves to form a quality first impression with your co-workers and upper management that will be responsible for promoting you in the future.

During your first couple of months in your new job, you may run into a lot of problems where you should ask questions. No one expects you to know everything right off the bat, so you should familiarize yourself with the types of things you need to know. This will help you to become a better all around employee.

The quest to find meaningful and fulfilling employment can be a daunting one. But by reading this article, you are now in a much better position to achieve your employment goal! Your job in the next little bit will be to find a job – you’re on the road to having the tools you need to accomplish this feat!

The Music Industry is Crying Out for People Like You

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The music sector is most certainly one of the ‘sexiest’ industries in which to work, according to a past few survey by the publishers of Time publication. There are jobs in the music industry that will accept almost any type of background. The training required varies with each of the music industry job that might interest you.

Here are some general guidelines for discovering how to find work within the music industry.

Passion Music.

It’s not a prerequisite for music industry tasks, but loving music of any kind of kind is the first step in the right direction. While loving music may not necessary be a pre-requisite in a record company’s accounting department, it’s virtually required for any person that collaborates with artists or in marketing.

Check the certifications for the job.

Typically, many jobs in the music sector call for at the very least a university degree – with the exception of performers who could get by without a degree if they have ability. Anticipate that the more technical the job, the greater your degree of education and/or experience will have to be. A record marketer will want to see your networking abilities or experience in the neighborhood music scene, for example, and a deals lawyer will clearly require a legal qualification. Music teachers working for the schools will certainly need to have a teaching license in addition to the shown capacity to play an instrument.

The very best training is on the job training.

For positions like band manager, roadway work, press agents and promoters, the very best training is via a teaching fellowship or through your very own work advertising and/or handling a band by yourself. Some publicists and marketers pertain to the job from their very own fanzines, or are developed a network of contacts in radio and marketing with their college or teen year extracurricular activities.

A degree in music is respected in lots of music sector tasks.

Colleges that concentrate on songs education like the Berklee Institution for the Doing Arts supply training in numerous different elements of the music sector. You could research songs and performance legislation, making up the music market, and business administration for music business and also make-up, efficiency and other music-specific tasks.

Join the band.

Among the most effective training grounds for a job in instrumental music is your college or university band. If you’re currently beyond the school years, capitalize on region and city music cultures to both train your ear and keep in the practice of playing with others.

Music ministry works frequently need unique certifications.

If you have a calling to a task in music ministry, you’ll locate that several churches and synagogues require that their full time songs priest have pastoral training as well as musical training. The American Guild of Organists and the National Council of Pastoral Musicians supply expert certifications at a lot of degrees.

Songs therapists require a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from one of the accepted colleges that educate songs therapy.

Along with routine researches, the bachelors in music therapy needs 1200 hours of clinical practice.

The requirements for training for music sector works are differed, however this is a quick review of the training required for some of the major jobs in the songs industry.

Play It Like You Mean It: Guitar Tips and Tricks

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People from all walks of life have long been charmed and seduced by the sounds of the guitar. That is why so many people each and every day start the process of learning to play. So that you are not among those who pick up guitar only to drop it soon after, keep reading.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, you need an instrument that is not too expensive to practice on. As you get the hang of things, and you decide that this really is the instrument for you, you can upgrade. If you find the guitar too frustrating or you just do not like it, you will not be out that much money.

Listen to music. One of the best ways to learn anything is to watch a professional at work. Listen to music and really try to single out the guitar playing. Determine how they’re playing and pay close attention to their technique. You can learn a lot just from listening and watching others play.

Playing the guitar is notoriously hard on the fingers. You may experience cramping or blisters, particularly if you play for long periods of time in the beginning. While it may sound silly, it is important to “work out” your fingers to strengthen them. You will notice a world of difference!

Try learning new techniques when playing guitar. It is important that you learn all the basic like strumming and picking to start with. When you have improved your dexterity with those, you should practice using new techniques. Try mimicking some different ones from your favorite songs. Eventually, you will find the techniques that you play best.

While is certainly tempting to try to jump in and play some of your favorite songs on the guitar, you should initially stick with simple tunes that can be mastered with just a little bit of practice. Doing this will help you continue building skills without causing frustration and disappointment along the way.

Begin slowly. You may want to play a song that has a rapid pace or that is meant to be played with lightening speed, but you have to master the song first. Begin slowly and grasp each note, then work up your speed. Starting off at full speed will only lead to many mistakes. Start slowly, learn everything about the song then worry about playing it with more speed.

Don’t give up right away. There is not one person who sounded like a pro after one day with the guitar. If you find that it’s not working for you, think about trying harder in the next practice session. Stick with it, and eventually you will start to hear that your hard work is paying off.

Find someone to play guitar with. Find someone who is a little more advanced than you and someone who has just started and may need your help. They can help you learn things you don’t know yet. You can actually making learning the instrument fun when it is a shared experience. It can be useful to enlist the aid of a practice partner of roughly the same or similar level of ability.

Make goals for yourself. Try to determine why you want to play. Is there a specific guitarist you would like to play like? Keep them in mind as a long-term goal. Make smaller, realistic short-term goals on your way towards your ideal skill level. Try to keep yourself motivated without letting yourself get discouraged.

The massive appeal of the guitar is something that transcends geography, race and culture. Just about everywhere you go, you are sure to hear music that incorporates the guitar in one form or another. Armed with the information found above, you should now be ready to master this incredibly popular instrument yourself.

How to Start a Solo Music Career

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So you have gone out of your way and obtained that degree in Music Production. However after months of searching the job ads, you’re starting to wonder if you shouldn’t have actually backed it up with a slightly more “academic” qualification. Our advice is don’t get down – you’re an imaginative individual or you wouldn’t have chosen this career path to start with. The secret to locating and obtaining music production jobs is to utilize some of that ingenuity in your work search.

There are three things to bear in mind when doing an imaginative work search for music production jobs:.

1. As many as 90 % of the jobs in any sort of media occupation are never advertised via job boards. The music production firms get good enough over the transom returns to that they can pick and choose without advertising and marketing.

2. In many music production tasks, networking will be a crucial component of your work description. If you cannot network to get a task, you’ll have a difficult time enticing a hiring supervisor that you could do the job.

3. Occasionally the best method to obtain your foot in the door is to intern for a music production business. According to a current study carried out by CareerExposure, 94 % of companies have provided a full time task to trainees when their teaching fellowship was finished.

Keeping those 3 points in thoughts, you can create a creative music production job search that will certainly land you the position that you wish using the following plan.

1. Do your homework. You must know the music production job that you’re going after completely. Read up on the internet, go to the library and bookstores and figure out all that you can.

2. Begin using your networking skills. Enlist the help of a LinkedIn Expert to get you started.  Alternatively, make a list of peole you know which may have the ability to assist you. Don’t forget to include individuals like your ex-teachers, business associates and people you understand with other people. Have you interned for a music production company? Have you attended a music symposium? Those are all essential calls for you when you’re attempting to network your method into music production jobs.

Daring is an important ability to utilise. Request for letters of introduction, or for permission to utilize someone’s name when you get in touch with one more. It’s remarkable exactly how quickly you’ll get outcomes with an easy declaration like, “Hey, Mr. Producer, my name is Interested Party. My professor, Ms. In-The-Know advised that I call you when I informed her that I want an internship with your business. Do you have a few seconds to speak with me regarding that now, or is there a better time to call you?”.

3. All right, you’re not quite that strong? There are a number of various approaches of technique you could use to call people that hold the keys to music production jobs.

– Mail is the most conventional approach. When you have actually investigated good enough to recognize exactly what business you want to help, and who makes employing choices there, you can mail a resume in addition to a superb cover letter. Opportunities are however, that you’ll have to follow up on your initial mail. Keep in mind point # 1 above – songs manufacturing companies obtain loads of over the transom resumes.

– E-mail is a 2nd option, and is a sensible method to follow up as well. If you have actually sent your resume by mail, wait a couple of days then follow up with an e-mail to the hiring supervisor specifying that you’re following up on your mailed return to and are very thinking about reviewing feasible profession choices within his or her business. If you haven’t, send a cover letter and return to via e-mail, and adhere to up in a few days with a second e-mail.

– Telephone calls may be frightening, however they are among the quickest means to obtain via to the person you wish to talk with. Remember that your phone call is a disturbance to the hiring manager’s day – be pleasurable, be brief and be direct.

The key to finding and acquiring music production jobs is being strong sufficient to get on your own out there and offer your skills and abilities. With simply 10 % of the readily available jobs ever being supplied openly in the classifieds, it’s the only means that you’ll ever understand exactly what music production jobs are offered.


How to Start a Career In Music Production

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So you’ve got that level in Songs Production – but after months of scouring the classified ad, you’re starting to ask yourself if you should not have actually backed it up with a minor in Education and learning. Do not despair yet – you’re an imaginative person or you wouldn’t have selected this company to begin with. The trick to finding and getting music manufacturing jobs is to make use of a few of that ingenuity in your work search.


There are 3 points to keep in mind when doing a creative task look for songs manufacturing works:.

1. As numerous as 90 % of the works in any type of media occupation never get promoted via routine stations. The music manufacturing firms acquire enough over the transom returns to that they could pick without advertising and marketing.

2. In plenty music manufacturing jobs, networking will certainly be a key part of your work description. If you can’t network to obtain a work, you’ll have a tough time convincing a hiring supervisor that you can do the work.

3. Sometimes the very best way to obtain your foot in the door is to intern for a songs production company. According to a recent study performed by CareerExposure, 94 % of employers have actually provided a full-time task to interns when their teaching fellowship was completed.

Keeping those three foods in thoughts, you can put together a creative music productions work search that will land you the position that you really want using the following blueprint.

1. Do your research. You need to know the music manufacturing works that you’re going after inside out. Read up on the web, visit the library and book shops and figure out all that you can.

2. Begin applying your networking capabilities. Make a list of people you understand who may have the ability to help you. Always remember to feature folks like your ex-teachers, business colleagues and people you understand through other individuals. Did you do appear degrees for a band? Have you interned for an author? Have you obtained an opportunity to attend a media symposium? Those are all vital contacts for you when you’re attempting to network your means into songs manufacturing jobs.

Boldness is a vital ability to cultivate here. Request for letters of intro, or for authorization to utilize someone’s name when you speak to another. It’s amazing how rapidly you’ll seeing outcomes with a straightforward declaration like, “Hi there, Mr. Manufacturer, my name is Interested Event. My teacher, Ms. In-The-Know proposed that I call you when I told her that I’m interested in a teaching fellowship with your firm. Do you have a few moments to talk with me regarding that now, or is there a far better time to call you?”.

3. All right, you’re not that bold? There are a number of different approaches of approach you could make use of to contact folks who hold the keys to songs manufacturing tasks.

– Mail is one of the most traditional method. The moment you’ve looked into sufficient to know exactly what companies you wish to work for, and who makes employing decisions there, you could send by mail a resume in addition to an outstanding cover letter. Opportunities are though, that you’ll need to follow up on your preliminary mail. Remember factor # 1 over – music manufacturing companies get tons of over the transom resumes.

– E-mail is a 2nd alternative, and is a reasonable method to comply with up too. If you’ve sent your return to by mail, stand by a few days and afterwards follow up with an e-mail to the hiring manager stating that you’re following up on your mailed return to and are quite thinking about talking about feasible career options within his or her company. If you have not, send a cover letter and return to by means of e-mail, and follow up in a couple of days with a 2nd e-mail.

– Telephone calls could be scary, however they are one of the quickest methods to get through to the person you would like to speak with. Remember that your telephone call is a disturbance to the hiring supervisor’s day – be pleasurable, be brief and be direct.

The key to finding and seeing songs manufacturing works is being bold more than enough to obtain yourself out there and market your capabilities and capacities. With simply 10 % of the available works ever being offered openly in the classifieds, it’s the only ways that you’ll ever understand exactly what songs production works are readily available.

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Best Ways to Make Yourself a Trusted Expert

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Building any business requires you to first create a sense of trust with your target audience, so that they actually are able to buy from you when you promote something. This is not possible unless you show them how credible you are and get them to understand you do have the required expertise. One of the biggest things that keeps people from acting on starting an online business is the lack of expertise. But the Internet makes it really easy to become an industry expert and to start selling products people want.

Become a Guest Blogger

Hundreds of blogs are being published online and they need content so they’re ready to accept you or anyone as a guest blogger. So how does that really help you with your goal to become an expert? It’s really simple – when you start writing for a blog as a guest blogger in your niche, you’re obviously exposed to your niche. People who read your post will see you as an expert in your field because of you showcasing your knowledge. The more blogs you partner with, the greater your exposure which helps you become an industry expert. You can get started by doing a Google search for your niche along with guest blogger and you’ll have a list of blogs to partner with. When writing as a guest blogger, it is very important to give your readers plenty of value in your posts.

Conduct Webinars

These days, online seminars or webinars are really hot because people love getting valuable content served them on a silver platter, and that too live. Running these webinars is not really difficult because you have software tools available to make the job easier, but what’s really interesting about a webinar is that it allows you to connect with your target audience in real-time. By answering your attendees’ questions, you are able to showcase your expertise. People that attend your seminar will obviously talk about you with their friends/colleagues if you managed to provide them good value. Holding webinars on a regular basis will help elevate you to expert level in no time.

Share Videos

Today, with video being so popular, you should also take part in this if you want to become an expert in your field. YouTube and other leading video sites get huge amounts of traffic, so you should take advantage of this. Your prospects can subscribe to your video channel and be notified whenever you upload a video, so you can build up your audience and credentials by making videos that your target market likes. As this article has shown, becoming an expert in your field is about knowing what steps to take and when. You will easily increase your expertise by keeping these simple and important things in mind.

Believing These Misconceptions About CV Writing Keeps You From Getting a Terrific Job

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A winning CV is necessary if you want to get a job quickly but you will need to be organised. To create a winning CV, you will have to improve your writing style. The best-selling CV book on the market, Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend, written by Sarah Berry with help you write a winning CV:: Many people continue to use the identical CV format for years even though it doesn’t deliver end results for them..

Having a pretty good CV nowadays may not be enough and you may want to reconsider changing your CV. It has done the job in the past and you have usually managed to get interviews. However, whether you are new to the job market or working your way up the career ladder, you may feel that you should be earning more money, have more perks or be snapped up more quickly. Job selection is always down to how you sell yourself on paper. Are you selling the advantages of employing you in your CV? Are you thinking in terms of what the employer is looking for and chosen to rewrite your CV accordingly rather just add new information to the existing CV? Have you equipped yourself with the winning CV approach?

A lot of people worry about accuracy in their CV, staying clear of such things as spelling errors. However, it is normally the structure and content of the CV that let’s most job seekers down. These days, recruiters such huge databases of CV in order to find suitable candidates. You should ensure your CV gets found and hits the mark. A lot of people rush the CV writing stage of their job search. They pay attention to making an application for as many jobs as they can rather than perfecting the document that they are presenting. Yet without the correct approach and an excellent CV and sales tactics, you won’t need that new attire anyway! Sad but true.

What are the most frequent errors people make when producing a Curriculum Vitae? Make an effort and stay clear of the most typical mistake listed below; in the event that you would like even more guidance on tips on how to develop your Curriculum Vitae, think about ordering a full and thorough CV assessment from Career Consultants. Ensure that you avoid the easy errors that a lot of people make on their CV and you are guaranteed success.

Not targeting the CV for the role in question. In the last decade it was alright to have a general CV, however in today’s challenging job market, you require a CV that is targeted in the direction of the role that you would like to apply for. A standard CV says, ‘I really need a job, assist me’; a couture Curriculum Vitae and covering letter says, ‘I love your company, you have a challenge and I am the one to resolve it’. With effort and time spent on selecting your abilities and by focusing on the organisation and not yourself, you will convey your sales message.

Not really dealing with the job ad requirements. If you find yourself in a hurry you may be motivated to avoid addressing the specific job requirements pinpointed in the job advert. Nevertheless, holding back until you reach the interview to demonstrate them how good you are is a perilous approach. Read through the advert and observe the recruiter’s subtle demands. What unique characteristics is the company looking out for? What skills are identified as essential? What precise relevant information has been called for? Identify the recruiter’s requirements, not yours. Does your CV respond to the how, what, where and when questions?

Waffling too much. The ideal length for a present day CV is two or three pages. If you are a fresh starter then your Curriculum Vitae is likely to be much shorter. Never go over three pages in length.

Putting relevant information in the wrong position. Your introduction is one of the most fundamental parts of the Curriculum Vitae. Plenty of job hunters conceal their personal details at the end of the CV and many others often take out specifics like age, marital status and contact details. The offer is important in terms of CV writing however most applicants opt to batter the reader with personal profile sections, career history and education. Job-hunters fail to remember to detail what they have for sale. Hence the most fundamental part of the sell is the capability section. Career change advice What have you put up for sale on your Curriculum Vitae? Have you distinctly identified your level of knowledge and competence? Have you carried out everything you can to entice and reassure your reader that an investment in your skills is a great selection?

Droning on in detail about your education and learning. How lengthy is your education and training section? Are you in doubt about your skills and competence so you have listed out each and every qualification you have ever acquired?

Making reference to unimportant information and facts. The hiring manager is curious in how you can profit the company as opposed to what you do at weekends. It is crucial that you always keep your CV focused on job associated points.

Take one more look at your Curriculum Vitae. How good is it? Is it a dinosaur in regards to CVs or is it an up-beat, positive and assertive document? Will it surpass the competition or let the competitors through? See to it that your CV clearly pinpoints your value, worth and your level of expertise.